• HAVE FUN!  The main goals of opening cards/doing breaks; have fun, enjoy some laughs with fellow collectors and maybe add some cool stuff to your personal collection along the way!  
  • Be nice to others.  This is mainly in regards to chat during the live breaks.  If your causing drama, you'll be booted from any/all of our groups/pages and removed from our website.
  • Be aware of what you are purchasing.  If you have questions, never hesitate to shoot us an email.  You can also join our main Facebook page (Big Breaks Basketball).  There's 4000+ members in The Big Breaks Family and most are extremely helpful (albeit in a sarcastic joking way sometimes!)



  • Boxes/Cases (Panini, Topps, Upper Deck, Leaf) are all purchased from reputable sources and are factory sealed! 

Timing of Breaks

  • We will have scheduled break slots on the webpage (coming soon).  As breaks fill we will add them to the break slots.  For example, Tuesday 7 PM EST - 10 PM EST is set as a break night. Break #1 fills Monday at 3:00 PM EST, it will go in the 7PM EST slot on Tuesday.  Break #7 fills, it will go in the next available slot, etc.  Short term, schedules will be posted on Facebook while we work to get the website features updated.

Pick Your Team (PYT) Group Breaks

  • Customers select the team(s) they want from the posted available teams.
  • Customers will receive the cards from the team(s) selected.
  • Spots in a PYT Break are assessed by each individual team, rustling in a difference in price for each team.

 Random (RAND) Team Group Breaks

  • There will be a predetermined list of professional sports teams.  This will be shown prior to customer spots randomization.  (THIS LIST IS NOT RANDOMIZED)
  • There will be a second list of all customers who have bought a spot in the random team break.  (THIS LIST IS RANDOMIZED 5 TIMES)
  • Prior to the start of the Break (streaming live and being recorded) the customer list (NOT THE TEAM LIST) will be randomize five (5) times using RANDOM.ORG.
  • The final randomized customer list will be aligned with the original team list. The customer in the top spot gets the top team on the list; second spot gets the second team on the list and so on.
  • Spots in a RAND Break are assessed by all the teams as a whole, resulting in equal pricing for all spots.

Multi-Player Cards

  • If anyone owns 51% or more of the players/teams on the card, they will win the card outright.  For example, Lakers/Rockets/Heat card is hit.  Brian owns the Lakers and Heat (66.6%) and takes the card.
  • If no one owns 51% or more of the players/teams on the card, the card will be randomized.  For example, A Lakers/Rockets/Heat/Pistons card is hit. Brian owns the Lakers/Pistons (50%), Mike owns the Heat(25%), Greg owns the Rockets (25%). The four teams are randomized 5 times using  On the 5th randomization, the team on the top wins the card.

Non Pro Uniform Cards (USA, College, High School etc.)

  • 99% of cards will have a professional team on them and the card will go to that team but in the event a card does not have a professional team on it,  we first go to cardboard connection checklist for that product, if the card has a team listed, it will go to that team.  If there is no team listed we will use the following; If the player is still active, it will go to their current team.  If a player is retired, it will go to their longest tenure (by years, games played will be the tiebreaker if years are a tie).  In the event a team cannot be determined, the card will be randomized off to applicable teams/the current break.  Whichever is reasonable in that situation.  Final discretion will be the breaker whom is running the live feed. 

Teams No Longer in Existence

  • If a team is no loner in existence, we will assign the card to the team they turned into.  Ex.  Supersonics would go to the Thunder.
  • In the event a team was dissolved, we will follow the above rules for Non Pro Uniform.

Points Cards

  • Any points cards that are hit will be randomized off to the break.  We will take all of the spots (main break only) and randomize 5 times.  Whoever lands in the top spot would win the points card.  If there are multiple points cards/items being randomized, the top spot would receive the highest value item, spot 2 would receive the next in line, spot 3 would receive the next, until all points/items that needed to be randomized were assigned.  Final discretion will be the breaker whom is running the live feed.


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