Break Basics


  • A “Group Break” is a service that offers an exciting and entertaining way to collect trading cards, photos and memorabilia.
  • Less expensive than buying a full box or case.
  • Breaks typically are about sports, but there are some other collectable products (Game of Thrones) that may be provided.
  • "Personal Breaks" are run the same as Group Breaks, except that one person has purchased the entire product and requested the "Break" to be live streamed.  All product from the Break is shipped.



  • The Break is organized by a “Host Breaker” who provides the service.
  • The Host Breaker locates and purchases quality products from well established wholesalers.
  • The product is organized into individual categories (such as NBA teams) with a set number of spots. Depending on the product and the type of Break, spot values may vary and are priced accordingly.
  • The break is posted online and people have the opportunity to purchase any available spot for which they have a specific interest.
  • This allows a person to focus on a specific category (team, player, etc.) at a reduced cost compared to a full box/case purchase.
  • When all the categories (teams) have be taken the break is performed LIVE online (Facebook/YouTube).
  • Big Breaks Sports Cards & Beast uses cameras at 3 separate angles during all breaks.
  • Product is ALWAYS in full view.
  • Breaks are recorded and posted (Facebook/YouTube) for viewing at anytime.
  • Once the break is completed products are packaged and shipped to customers worldwide.



  • While there are various ways to Break, we typically run the two more common types of Breaks; Pick Your Team (PYT) or Random (RAND).
  • A Pick Your Team (Country/Club/Player) Break allows you to pick a specific team. All products opened during the Break associated with the team you have selected will be shipped directly to you.
  • A Random Team (Country/Club/Player) Break gives you one random team. Once the Break is full (all slots are taken) the list of people in the break is randomized via RANDOM.ORG (see rules for details).  Once again, all products opened during the Break associated with the team you have selected will be shipped directly to you.


Please note that this is a very basic overview of Breaking.  Refer to our Rules and FAQ page for more detailed information.

You can find us on our Facebook pages BasketballSoccer or Hockey  and YouTube using Big Breaks & Beast!


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