Rewards Program

Hello Beast Sports Card FAM!!  We have an amazing Beast Rewards program for you!

This program is truly remarkable; for every dollar spent you will receive BEAST POINTS!

BEAST POINTS are redeemable for valuable coupons!

  1. 500 pts     = $5 off (OK, you saw that coming.)
  2. 1000 pts   = $10 off (Yeah, that was expected.)
  3. 2500 pts   = $30 off  (See what we did there?)
  4. 5000 pts   = $75 off (WOW, just keeps getting better!)
  5. 10000 pts = $200 off (WAIT, WHAT!?, I mean... your welcome.)

Look for the referral option too...more points for you and some for a friend!!

As always, thanks for being part of our Beast Sports Card Family!  Peace!


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